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Occupied &
Vacant Home Staging

An occupied stage will consist of working with existing items already without your home to highlight some of the best features within your home

Vacant homes may often seem cold to potential buyers, by staging the home we turn those empty cold spaces into a beautiful home to help buyers better visualize your home as their own

We use our creative eye along with necessary furniture and decor rental to add a beautiful touch to your home

Why Choose
Lifestyle Home Staging
We are committed to providing you with the best possible service, on trend creative designs, and want you to achieve a faster sale with maximum profit by turning your house into an appealing home to create mass appeal to all potential buyers
The Process
1. Book a consultation
2. We at lifestyle home staging will come to your home and assess your homes potential needs for staging 
3. We come back and stage your home to its needs whether your property is occupied or vacant
4. Sell your home
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